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Dansk virksomhed der udvikler kattemøbler  A natural choice..
ActiveCats = Kattemøbler i naturtræ
Danish Quality & Design.
ActiveCats = Kattemøbler i naturtræ
Made in Denmark
Activecats et naturligt alternativ.

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ActiveCats manufacturer high quality furnitures for cats Danish company with 25 Years of experience, who 
 develop high quality cat furniture’s in Danish design. Our furniture´s are based on natural materials using 
 wood and sisal in new innovative and active ways. Build your own cat system in any way you like. 
 Vertically or horizontally, on the wall, or the floor is 
 up to you and your cats individually needs. Washable covers on shelves and houses without 
 dissembling the system. its easy. Tubes are made with fully glued heavy sisal berber 13 cm 
 in diameter. Natural or Black sisal. End-covers are also in 
 natural or Black. Sizes from 15 to 80 cm. Bases are made of birch plywood including non-slip rubber. 
 Available in natural or Black color. Ask for extra treatment 
 like oiled or antibacterial lack. Floor-to-ceiling systems include a pressure distributor with 
 anti-slip rubber and a base with non-slip rubber for stability. The spindle is made of a 1,6 cm thick thread-bar, a feature 
 that keep our systems amongst the strongest. INTERZOO 2016 

 Spare part to build all models and individual systems.