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Dansk virksomhed der udvikler kattemøbler  A natural choice..
ActiveCats = Kattemøbler i naturtræ
Danish Quality & Design.
ActiveCats = Kattemøbler i naturtræ
Made in Denmark
Activecats et naturligt alternativ.

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+ 45 22 729 728
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Welcome to Active Cats. 
A Danish company, with 25 years of experience that develop
quality furnitures to activate cats in a natural and active way. Our focus are mainly: 
- Functional quality products which are adapted the cats needs.
 - Modern design that utilizes any homes opportunities. 
- Developing solutions that provide enhanced quality of
 life for cats and their owners. - Environment and cleaning friendly materials.

 Natural base Reversible Build your Washable Natural w/non-slip tubes own model covers or Black
Innovation 2016